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Statuary warning: This blog has become my outlet for emotions. Read it at your own risk.

A person without emotion is like a physical body without life.Emotions define the type of person we are. and what we become.

According to Wiki, Emotion is the complex psychophysiological experience of an individual’s state of mind as interacting with biochemical (internal) and environmental (external) influences. In humans, emotion fundamentally involves “physiological arousal, expressive behaviors, and conscious experience”. Emotion is associated with mood, temperament, personality and disposition, and motivation.

Keeping emotions in check is not the easiest thing in the world.Most of the times emotions get the best of  us and we do things which we would not have done had emotions not got the better of us. Having put this down, a person who is emotionless is like a hollow cylinder. Like in anything there are two extremes in this as well. Some people are over emotional while some people are not even a tad emotional. I put myself in the over emotional category but life’s experiences have certainly had their effects on me and I try to keep the emotions in check to a larger extent and have done it successfully thus far.

Its not the worst idea in the world to let out your emotions from time to time as pent up emotions lead to frustrations and its very stressful. Finding the right balance between emotions is very important or else it will add up to the stress.So people let out your emotions either to a friend or to your house walls.



Frustrations of a job hunt

Posted: December 29, 2010 in General

Hello friends! After a near 3 year hiatus from blogging I am back. Today I am going to write about my life after graduation since may. Job hunt is one of the most frustrating thing which I have had to endure in my life.

For starters I always knew that getting a job would depend on so many factors but had never imagined that it would be such a pain. Now I realise how good college campus placements were. Since I had got placed in the very first company that came to my college during BE I had undervalued the whole job search thingy.

Seven months since graduation and I just have 2 telephonic interviews to show for it & a missed walk in interview. Its not all negative though.Having laid down these facts  I should also point out that these 7 months has made me closer to my sisters family in Massachusetts.I got to play with my niece & nephew.  I have also gone to Grand canyon  (one of the seven wonders of the world), Las Vegas and the beautiful Niagara falls. On the way to Grand canyon I also went on the famous Route 66. I have also put on some weight which I have always been wanting to do.

Now back to the frustrating part since I am about to conclude this post.When you are in the job hunting mode everyone will tell you to switch to IT or take up any job that comes to you. I am against this idea and ready to wait for the job profile that I have in my mind. I know that lot of people tell that we should make our own luck but for finding a job I have realised that you need to have  lot of luck and have lot of contacts. I am hoping that this new year will bring me the required luck.

Wishing every one a happy and prosperous new year.


Power of positive thinking

Posted: June 24, 2008 in General

I am back to the blogging world after a long break and this time I want to write about something which will enhance the way we are living our lives. I will start off by posting an article which had come in The Hindu newspaper which was written by Padma. Here it goes ……..

It has been estimated that we think more than 50.000 thoughts everyday, more than half of which are negative. Sometimes you have to do a mental spring-clean to get rid of the negative `garbage’ that otherwise becomes ingrained. `Positive thinking’ a phrase made famous in the 1952 bestseller.

The Powers of Positive Thinking, is what its all about. Stopping self-destructive thoughts is like stopping any other bad habit–it takes time and effort. As Norman Vincent Peale wrote, it is all about belief in oneself and faith in God.

You are what you think

We control our feelings and thoughts both consciously and subconsciously. It is within us to be positive or negative, lively or morose. One of the most effective ways to come out on top is by the affirmation of all that is positive. Affirmations are positive statements about yourself that you repeat over and over until they’re programmed into your subconscious.

If we think unhappy thoughts, it will be impossible to feel either positive or be happy. As Marcus Aurelius said, “A man’s life is what his thoughts make of it.

You feel what you want

As thinking is an unconscious habit, good habits, such as talking positively to yourself, focusing on positive thoughts, and being positive with other people, get good, positive results and peace of mind. While no one can be positive all the time, there are ways to develop a positive “mind set” so that positive thinking becomes a habit.

Why worry

Like positive thinking, worrying is a habit- albeit a bad one. Constant worrying is destructive and self -defeating.

Try to eliminate negative self -talk. It only underlines our poor self-image and makes us lose confidence in ourselves. Catch and kill that negative thought!

The three Cs

Develop a three-pronged approach-Commitment, Control and Challenge. Make a commitment to yourself and to people and things that matter to you. Be enthusiastic and dare to dream!

Keep your mind focused and set your goals and priorities. Take everything in your stride –success and heartbreak.

Be courageous. Do not be afraid of change .Do your best and have no regrets. See learning and change as opportunities and never let go of your optimism.

Boost the positive and you will find that you are a success during good times, and a survivor during the hard!

How many of us have realised that being positive or negative is for us to decide? for some one who was a lot of pessimism you will be amazed by the changes that positive thinking has brought into my life. I used to very pessimistic for quite a long time and it used to peg me down a lot and I used to have a feeling of hollowness in me and thats when I decided to try the positive thinking approach and its worked wonders for me. All those feeling of hollowness has vanished and the positive energy has spread to people whom I meet which I think is the best part of being a positive thinker and trust me negativity is strictly not liked by people when you are talking with them. I still remember how people used to hate bumping into me just because they did not want to get any negative vibes.

Like the quthor has mentioned we control our thoughts so being positive or negative is totally up to us. So lets all try the poitive way after all there is no harm in trying if it can change the way we live and make the world a better place.


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Well after a very long time I am writing a new post. The delay was due to the fact that I could not come up with anything. Today I am writing about something which is found in every single human on this planet-FEAR. Fear is a a state of panic. I am not going to write about fear that people in general have. My focus in this topic  is fear of losing.

Everyone who is honest will agree that they fear losing and its no different for me as well. Its the fear of losing that deters us from doing things which we wish we could do. I do not know for sure about others but that has been the case with me and also i am guessing its the same with everyone. I have missed out doing so many things just because of the fear of losing and being humiliated. When everyone ponders about their life deeply they will realize that they have also been doing it. Fear is one thing which is common among all humans. Sometimes it is good to have fear as if people do not have fear they will go about doing everything which might ultimately destroy the world. this said too much of fear is also very bad as just for the fear of losing we might not to something which we would have actually been able to do.

In Alistair Mclean’s  “The guns of navarone” The main character tells that everyone has fear but people who are brave  fight  for extra 5 seconds without fear which ultimately makes the difference and is the difference to normal person and a brave warrior. The ones who overcome their fear succeed in life. So go ahead and overcome fear of losing as bigger better things are waiting to happen in everyones life. Stay without fear for that extra bit and you will achieve bigger things. Be the brave one.


Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is back to doing what he does best, play aggressive cricket and demoralising the opposition bowlers, something which he has been doing for almost 18 years now with great success. The intensity with which he approaches cricket is something out of this world. After all these years people expect the intensity level to drop but not for this man, he still has the intensity of a 20 year old kid.

Most of us have grown up idolizing this little master (as he is popularly called in the cricketing world) and I was no different.I just love the way he bats and specially when he is in a attacking frame of mind.I like the flick of the legs shot the most and also his trademark straight drives(who can forget that).He is no doubt at his best when he is trying to take the attack to the bowlers.Its a bowler’s nightmare to be pitted against him when he is at his aggressive best.The other noticeable thing with him is he targets bowlers who tell before a series begins that they are after his wicket.He s specially targeted such bowlers and shown them whose the master.The famous battle with caddick and shoaib akhtar come to mind which happened during the 2003 world up. He absolutely took them to the cleaners, smashing the ball to all corners of the ground and sometimes even out of the ground.

Today he has cracked the 16000 run barrier in ODI s with the next best a distant 12000 odd. This itself is a testiment to his capabilities and he is no doubt the best one day player ever to walk on this planet. Also with more than 80 centuries together in both forms of the game he is surely a living legend.

The year 2006 was not a good one for him as he was plagued by injuries which is when talks of his retirement were heavy in the media. He came back from the injuries with a bang and has silenced his critics for now. Its not easy in a nation like ours to fulfill the expectations of the people. One day they hail you and treat you like god but the same crowd might turn around and burn effigies and shout slogans against you. The expectations of a billion people are upon his shoulders every time he steps on to the field but seldom has he wilted under it. He s handled it better than anyone.

Whats even more special is his smile which is pleasing for anyone to watch. His humility is the most striking thing and he is an easy going guy for whom fame has not gone into his head.He has single handedly won India many games and lead the batting for so many years day in and day out.He is no doubt one of the most charming players the game has ever seen.Hats off to the little master.I hope and believe that he has a lot more to give to the game and he will prolong his career for as long as possible and keep giving nightmares to the bowlers all around the world.

Music is Divine

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Imagine the world without oxygen. There would be no life forms on earth if such a scenario exists. Now u must be thinking why I started this way, according to me music is something like oxygen. I cannot imagine life without music. Music is present everywhere around us and inside us. A good music is one that pleases the mind. It can act as a very good stress buster that is very much prevalent today. Music has no barriers, has no language, caste, color, division based on economic status. It pleases everyone alike. Although there are different genres of music, it is universal in nature. Even animals and plants respond to music. Studies have proved that plants exposed to music have grown healthier and quickly and it is the same with some of the animals .Music has the amazing power of changing people’s lives. Many things can be expressed in the form of music and people tend to react better to music rather than say just a speech. There have been many instances where musicians who have tried to convey some social messages through their music have found overwhelming success in their venture. Every one has his/her own opinion on what is good music all about. According to me anything thing touches the soul of a person can be termed as what good music is all about. For example, a child’s cry can be music to a mother’s ears. Music can really inspire anyone who is down and is looking for some inspiration. The powers of music are unimaginable. Music it will continue to entertain people of all generations forever. Well that is all I could come up with. There are lot more things that I would have liked to write but I could not come up with the words.


Joy of outdoor games

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This topic might make most of us go back to the good old days of childhood when we used to run around and play in the hot and burning sun without the pressure of the world upon us.Now the entire world(at least the majority) is mesmerized by the non real world of computer games. Part of the reason for this shift is the lack of good grounds and the lack of togetherness that is persisting in today s world.

We might play the popular football or cricket game on PC but its no where near to the joy that we get while playing outdoor football or even cricket. I can still remember the days when I used to play cricket in the burning hot sun in my village, sometimes even bare foot. Nothing can match the joy that we get when we flex some muscles while playin these outdoor games. I also remember my school days during which I used to wait for holidays so that i can play cricket, hide and seek,laggoree(A local game in which we throw the ball at stones and regroup all the stones while avoiding getting hit by the ball), lock and key,badminton and many more innovative games. Most of these games used to be played in the streets and they do not require a play ground. At least I used to play them on the streets. I used to leave my house in the morning and come back for lunch and then again go out and return home at night.Playing with many people is surely fun to the core. Just the assembly of so many people was a joy to be in.

Only in villages can we get to see groups of children playing outdoor games.Its becoming more and more of a rare scene in the cities.I can see school kids already carrying the burden of t he world on their tender shoulders. There might come a time when games will be restricted to indoor games or even worse only the computer games.There s nothing wrong in playing on the computer as I myself do get hooked on to the computer games but from time to time playing outdoor games relaxes the mind and also its a very good exercise to our body.Even the PET classes in the schools are taken by other subject teachers in most of the schools.Also many of the schools do not even have a playground in their school premises. All this is sad and the future is going to be even more worse.At this point I remember the popular animated series that comes on disney channel “Recess”. Its focus is mainly on the outdoor games.

There is a popular saying that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, its time we changed it to something like this “All work and only playing a on computer makes Jack a dull boy”.

There are still a lot more things that I could have written but it might get boring so I leave it to the people reading this blog to comment and share their experiences.